Readjusting my self to the new reality created due to the new virus  that entered our life, I continued staying and working from work. As the days pass I start getting more used to this reality and find new thing to entertain my self and pass my day. During this week we arranged two meeting on Microsoft teams with my group to discuss and share  the work that we have done individually for the project, plan our next steps and brainstorm. Personally, this week  I finished the floor plan and 3d sketch of the space  and I am working currently on our website. I believe that so far our collaboration, even from distance, with my team mates works very well as we have from the beginning clear roles and deadlines. Finalising the website is the main goal that I have for next week. Moreover, we have arranged two video meeting for next week with my teammates to discuss our process and review what we have done and what we are missing to complete the project. I keep going  hoping that the situation will start getting better day by day


Looking back at the beginning of the week I cannot lie that it was a strange week as I had to face a total different reality.  Adjusting myself to the new facts and figures of the days of isolation, I had more time to study independently and work on my sketchbook. At the time being, trying to “fight” worldwide a virus that brought our lives upside down, none knows when this nightmare will end.  Taking always in consideration student safety and health, on Tuesday the university announced that it will close and all the classes will take place online. Digital teaching is another new adjustment that we have to take because of the new data of the days.  On Thursday I had my first online meeting with my teammates and my tutors where we discussed about the new way that we are going to work as a team, our new roles and the new final outcomes that we have to produce for this project. I cannot lie that since is still the beginning everything is vague and new for us, but  we work hard to bring the best out of it. On a video call with my teammates we split into new roles;Sarah will create the look book, Alicia will edit the video, Lara will work on the Instagram account and I will make a website and floor plan and a mockup of the space. I know that this is a hard time for everyone but I hope things will get better day by day. Looking at the positive side of the situation, self-isolation  and staying at home give us enough time to work on the new the project.


Coming to the end of this week I cannot lie that it was a hard week full of doubts and dilemmas. Reading constantly about the new corona virus outbreak worldwide scared me a lot the past days. Studying alone in a foreign country, this is an issue that made me face many doubts daily. I didn’t know which was the right decision that I had to take stay here or go back home being close to my family. My head full of questions and dilemmas ; What should I do? What will happen with the university? What about the shootings that we have planned with my group. After a lot of thought with my family and tutors I decided to go back to Greece until the situation gets better. Discussing this with my tutors and teammates, we decided to have constant video calls with both of them. Also, we discussed with my group that I will help them with all the digital work like editing images and videos and designing the lookbook. Also, I am going to focus on my sketchbook and business studies assignments since I can work on them even from distance.  On the other side of the spectrometer, I was productive the past week since I finalise my professional promotion assignment on Business and met several times with my group to organise our shooting and buy all the equipment and props needed for the fashion space and the photo shooting. That’s all for now!  Hope everything will end up soon and a better week  for me will start on Monday!

Presentation day

Presenting our thoughts for the exhibition to our tutors  and classmates we came up with many new ideas and things that we need to change or improve.  First of all, the tutors suggest us to focus more on the fashion film rather than the actual exhibition space in order to keep it more simple and not mix too many elements . Therefore, we decided to deal with the space as an actual exhibition hall and keep it minimal. We thought of projecting on a frame like those of the museums the fashion film and keep the rest of the space plain so that the visitors will focus on the video which is our main output. Moreover, since we will mainly work with the idea of turning the space into a museum hall  we thought of creating  a lookbook that will look as a museum catalogue or museum map. Focusing on the film we decided to shoot the garments  on different locations based on the concept of each designer  and have a closing scene with all the three garments hanging on a tree in a forest inspired by Tim Walker. To conclude, I am really pleased with the feedback that the tutors gave us, as they provide us with more “Food for thought” and ideas that  we can apply to improve our final result. I am looking forward to take action and start the shootings.

Group Brainstorm

On Tuesday 3rd of March I met with the rest members of the group to talk and decide the final concept of  the exhibition space in order to present it on Thursday to our tutors. After a lot of thinking we decided to turn the exhibition space to an old living room and display a vintage sofa and an old TV projecting the fashion film that we will create.  Each wall in the fashion space will represent  the three designers and will have elements based on their aesthetics.  Moreover, we discussed to create a TV guide as a look-book and a controller as an invitation for the exhibition. Talking about the name of our fashion we decided that since the place will look as a living room to name it “night in with the gals”. So far, I am really satisfied with my collaboration and communication with the my teammates as I think that similar ideas and way of thinking. Concerning our roles we have decided that will split them and each of us will be responsible for their own section and help the other wherever is needed. So we came out with the role of film maker, set designer, curator and stylist.  Personally, I am going to work closely with Sarah for the styling of the models for the shoots .


Looking back at  the beginning of the week, I would say that it was a busy and at the same time productive week for me . As part as my independent study, I worked on my sketchbook as well as on my portfolio and website. In addition,  on Wednesday I had a meeting with my two tutors for my Placement for next year. This went quite well as I saw that both teachers were satisfied with the work that I have done on my CV, portfolio and cover letter.Moreover, they provided me with helpful feedback that I would take in mind for my next steps on applying to companies for placement. Also, this week I had my presentation with my group about the Fashion Space project. I met several times over the group with the rest of the members of the group to brainstorm, create and perform the presentation. Overall, I was very satisfied with the final idea as I think that connects and reflects the works of the three designers. The presentation took place on Thursday 5 March in front of our tutors and the rest of the class.  After the presentation our teacher gave some ideas and feedbacks for the next steps that we have to take as a group to prepare for the fashion show. Therefore, for the next week my personal  goal is to finalise my CV and Portfolio in order to continue with the  job application and as part of the group to get ready to film short videos and make a test shoot.