Month: March 2020

Readjusting my self to the new reality created due to the new virus  that entered our life, I continued staying and working from work. As the days pa...

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Looking back at the beginning of the week I cannot lie that it was a strange week as I had to face a total different reality.  Adjusting myself to th...

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Coming to the end of this week I cannot lie that it was a hard week full of doubts and dilemmas. Reading constantly about the new corona virus outbrea...

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Presenting our thoughts for the exhibition to our tutors  and classmates we came up with many new ideas and things that we need to change or improve....

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Presentation day

On Tuesday 3rd of March I met with the rest members of the group to talk and decide the final concept of  the exhibition space in order to present it...

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Group Brainstorm

Looking back at  the beginning of the week, I would say that it was a busy and at the same time productive week for me . As part as my independent st...

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