The previous weekend I made a day trip to London in order to visit the pop up store of Pangain in Selfridges. Pangaia is a brand that  I really like and inspires me on a high degree. It is a sustainable loungewear brand that creates  unisex, joggers, hoodies and T-shirts using excessively natural products. As the owner of the brand Srivastava states “We want to use up waste produce wherever it appears in nature. Making materials out of anything – from bananas, to coffee, pineapples, grapes and apples – this is the stuff we’re really excited about”. The brand uses elements which completely derive from nature, fibres made from seaweeds, puffer coats filled with wildflowers and lab-produced pigments from flower’s DNA. All the bold, vibrant, punchy colours that the brand is famous for, occur naturally by scientists that isolate the DNA of a micro-organism in order to grow and feed it and as part of its metabolic process it creates the dye. The pop up store was imagination driven, taking the visitor back to nature. The pop up store stimulates all our senses as the bright bold colours of the garments of the brand travel the visitors on an another world  boosting immediately their mood and physiology. For me this was not only a pop up store but a life experience since I was able to discover all the techniques and science used to create all these naturally derived colours


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