End of a journey, a long journey full of joy, happiness but at the same time anxiety and stress. I can not still realise how quick time had past and today is one of the last days on working as a BA student of Brighton university. Closing my eyes I can still vividly remember the first day at university and all the projects that I have created over these three year. I still remember this small piece of paper with the two worlds”Dangling Earring”. I still remember the excitement, happiness and joy of designing and creating. The anxiety and happiness of the first day of uni, the first meet with the teachers and students. Three years that actually passed as three seconds in my life. Three years of meeting new people, new places, new experiences and new cultures. Three years of laugh, crying, stress and excitement. A town that will never forget. Brighton, the town I made my first uni friends and  my firs tuni projects. A town where I started my student life. An experience that I never forget throughout my life and of my most joyful and life-changing lessons. Stepping out of the shoes of a bachelor student on Brighton university… closing a door in my life and getting ready to open many more out there. With mixed emotions dominating my body at this moment, I will close my last blog post as a student of Brighton university.



See you soon Brighton. xxxx


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