Another week at home is coming to the end. As the situation in Greece comes slightly better day by day, a hope that my life will slowly  get back to “normality” is born.  Luckily enough, the weather is good and allows us to go out walk and take a break from the everyday routine inside the house. As I had finished the majority of the assignments, I devote this week to check and revise my sketchbook. I went through the pages for a second time to check any grammar and spelling mistakes and also make small adjustments and corrections. Moreover, as the deadline of the project approaches, I had a video call with my team mates to discuss our progression and the way that we are going to present the video, cookbook and the overall outcome.I cannot lie that it looks like we are working really closely and cohesive as a group and we are also satisfied with our final results. Also, I worked and finalise this week the assignment for the optional model.  As it seems, so far all the assessments that I had to do for the second semester are coming to an end.


Reaching a  month in home quarantine, I have finished the majority of my assignments. I am now on the process of finalising the project of my optional class and start slowly writing my self-reflection for this module . We had a  video call with the rest members of my team to discuss  our process and the things that still remain to do in order to finish the project. So far, I have  ticked the majority of boxes of my ” to do list” and going to take a break and enjoy the days indoors to relax. Overall, I am satisfied with the digital portfolio and my individual work for this module. Also,  I am really happy with the  close relationship that had develop with my teammates taking into consideration the circumstances in which we are working in and the fact that we hadn’t worked together before. So far, so good!


Reaching almost a week at home, I would say that I have start being quit used to this situation. Finding new hobbies, cooking, studying and exercising are my  main occupations these weeks.  During this week I worked on my digital  sketchbook and finalise it. I decided to do it on Indesign and then upload it on LinkedIn profile since the sites on which I tried to do my website didn’t provide the tools and facilities that I wanted. I made a page on Wix with some basic elements. Moreover, during this week the third designer Lucy send us her garment and I was able to finalise the website of the fashion space. At this point, I have nearly finished my sketchbook and online portfolio for my individual work and complete all the tasks that I was assigned for the group project. I am really satisfied with the work, even during this difficult times.  So far, I have almost finish all the assignments and deadline in order to have to proof read them and work on the corrections and details needed to get fixed.


Reaching the third week of self-isolation,  I cannot lie that I start getting worried more and more about this situation. The  uncertainty of when this “nightmare” will end and what will happened next is the main concern that I have these days. Trying to keep myself distracting and entertained from this harsh reality I try to get organised and make a weekly plan with all the assignments that I have to do. During this week , I worked on my sketchbook which I have almost finished. Moreover, I made the 3d sketches of the space on Sketch up and finished our website.  Also, during this week I had my personal tutorial with my teacher. Overall, I was really happy with the meeting as I think that the tutor was  quiet satisfied with the work that I have done  so far and gave my some feedback and improvements for the future. Moreover, I we had two video calls with my teammates to share our individual process and work so far and discuss the feedback that the tutors gave to us . So far, everything is going very well and I am really satisfied with our work as a group and my individual process as well. To conclude, my goal for next week is to finish my sketchbook and work on my online portfolio.