“Reshaping indulgence ” shoot

On Friday 22 November our third shooting took place in the main studio of the university.  After collaborating with Phoebe in the two previous shoots,we decided in order to gain time  that for the following two shoots one of us will lead the styling and the other will organise the next  one and offer her service to the up-going  one.  Phoebe  mainly lead the “reshaping indulgence” shoot while I was organising the next one and helped her with the current one wherever I was needed . In this shooting we wanted to expirement with unusual positions, color blocks and weird mix of clothings. Looking back on the trends that appear on Spring/Summer 2020 me and the other stylist careful chosen the clothes that perfectly matches with the season’s trends. So we chose to work with floral prints and patterns as we saw that they were omnipresent in the spring/summer 2020 catwalk. Moreover, another key garment in the upcoming season’s trend were the printed pijamas suits, which we also adjust in our suit. Also, glittery surfaces like satins and mesh fabrics were another element that we adopted in our shoot after analyzing the trends.  We put a lot of metallic accesories in the outfits like hairclips, necklaces and earring  to make the outfits look more strong and dominant . Adding an expiremental and at the same time bizzare element on the shoot we used morph suits to layer the outfits and played with make up, applying glitter and pearls on the faces of the model. Generally speaking,  in this shooting we used a pale palette focusing on pastel colors like mint, lilac, baby pink and yellow. Always having in mind the damage that the environment gets from fashion, we tried to stay as sustainable as possible using second-hand clothes from a vintage collector and charity shops. Overall, looking back to the shoot I think once again we worked very good producing satisfying results for our editioral and social media platforms.  I cannot lie that at the beginning I was afraid that mixing all these garments in combination with the conceptual makeup could lead on having a kitty result. However, everything worked right creating the opulent, extravagant outcome that we wanted to have.Finally , I think  some aspects that were missing in the previous shooting like sketching ahead the outfits and researching the  positions of the models helped us made this shoot  well-organized and complete.


“USE LESS, USELESS” shooting

On Sunday 10th November we made our second photoshooting for the magazine. The  the theme of the magazine was overproduction and overbuying clothes and accessories. Through this editorial we want to pass to our audience the message of recycle, reuse and reduce of clothings. We started our shoot through researching images and editiorals  of outfits, locations, makeup, hairstyle and poses that can work as an inspiration for us. Then, we put all our pictures together and we created styling boards and moodboards for the shoot. Also, before the actual shoot we met several times with the creative director and the other stylist to plan out the outfits and look for the garments and accessories that we needed for it. Sticking on our topic of eliminating fast fashion clothes, we tried to buy all our garments from second-hand, vintage and charity shops.  After organizing the outfits, we chose the location which was the beach, we choose  it because we wanted to have nature  as an element in the shoot.  Also, we thought that sea and the beach are two places that are getting polluted and corrupted more and more nowadays. For the shoot, we used one female and one male models and each of them had three outfits to change. An element that we haven’t used in the previous shoot and I founded very  useful is to create sketches of the clothes as it helped us having a clear image  in our head of the outfits of the shoot. The outfits, that I personally found more interesting were the jeans and the suit pinned with plastic bags as they made clear to the audience the notion of reuse and recycle in fashion. Overall, once again I enjoyed a lot my role as a stylist and the overall result of the shoot.


“Wonderful Things” Tim Walker

Last weekend I had the chance to visit Tim Walker’s exhibition “Worderful Things” in Victoria & Albert museum. Tim Walker was born in England in 1970 and he currently lives in London. He started his career as a freelance photographic assistant in London in 1994, before moving to New York as an assistant to Richard Avedon.  In 1995, he shot his first fashion story for Vogue and has been photographing editorially even since.  He had collaborated with many famous brands thoughout the years like Mc Queen, Balenciaga, Chanel and Moncler.   His exhibition in the VA museum is a unique expirience as it ‘travels’ the viewer to the location and time that the shooting took place. Each room in the museum represents a different ‘chapter’ of Walker’s photographic stories and is perfeclty decorated based on the theme of the shoot.  ” Cloud 9″ inspired by South Asia and specifically India was the ‘chapter’ I liked the most  .   I am really keen on they way that Walker used bold vivid colors to celebrate the richness and enenrgy, the magical,enchanted quality of the country. Moreover, the transparent vibrant colors that looked as a kaleidoscope in the pictures of the “Illumination” chapter was an element that grapped me attention in the exhibition . As Walker stated “There’s something special for me about transparent colour and I have an immediate emotional response to colour”.


Branding workshop

Last Thursday , a workshop about branding took place. At the first section of the workshop, we show examples of magazines that use effective and clever ways to position theit name and logo. Some of the examples that stayed in my mind were ,Corner magazine and  Clash that matched perfectly the meaning of their name with typography of their logo.  Moreover, another knowledge that I took from this workshop is that if a brand wants to make their logo catchy and remarkable it has to be someting that will be interactive and that will engage the audience. Also, I really liked the idea of an animited logo that “has life” .

At the second part of the workshop, we had to come up with the final logo of our magazine and a short video highlighting it. With my team we thought of capturing Brighton’s Lanes focusing on charity and vintage shops since our magazine is all about recycle, reuse and sustainability. Therefore, we strolled around the lanes with my teammates taking pictures,videos and time-lapses  . At the end,  we putted together all the content, adding on it some of the  “behind the scene” videos from our first photoshoot in  order to make it look more vivid, playful and interactive. Overall, I really enjoyed this workshop as it combined both theoritical  and practical elements. Once again  I had a very nice collaboration with my flatmates coming up with a really satisfying event.


On Tuesday 6th November a workshop about PR and Journalism took place. During the workshop we were assigned to create a Pr stund and event for another group in our class. We worked with Norty Magazine which is a playful magazine that focuses on the themes of pop-culture, nostalgia and childhood memories. With my team we decided to create an silent disco event that will take place on a high school class. The theme of the event will be “past vs present” and it will highlight the difference between childhood and adult parties. Therefore, on the one hand there will be snacks like Kwenchy Kups, snacks, dj set and ballons. On the hand,  alcohol, food platters, spotify lists, mobile phones  that are omnipresent on all  the adult parties.

Moreover, another group created  an event for our magazine. They came out with a treasuring hunting event around Brighton which will gave the opportunity to people to learn sustainable coffes and restaurants, open markets, charity shops and kilo sales around brighton.Overall, I really enjoyed this workopshop as I understood the importance of PR department and that an well orgnaized event can “skyrocket” a brand. FInally, one thing that I got from the workshop is that an succesful event has to engage the audience and have an element that will attrack their attraction.