Van Gogh Alive exhibition

During the Christmas break I visited Van Gogh Alive exhibition which was hosted in a museum in my hometown , Thessaloniki.  Van Gogh alive is an exhibition that explores the work and the life of the artists during the period of 1880-1890 . The exhibition displays his  thoughts, feelings and way of thinking during his life in different places like Arles, Saint Remy and Paris. I find really interesting the fact that the painter based on his psychological and emotional situation used different color pallettes in his paintings that reflect his inner world. Also, I really liked the combination of sound, light and color of the exhibiton as they make you feel a multi-sensory expirience.

Saatchi Gallery

I visited Saatchi Gallery in London that hosted a variety of exhibition.  The museum aims to provide an innovative source of contemporary art. I really liked an exhibition called “A survey of recent abstracation”  which is about 17 artists that explored abract art challenging numerous materials working on color, line and form . Moreover, another display that I really liked is called ” Early 21 century young African artists” that presents the workof 21 young artiss from Kenya who emerged the Mask Prize Creativity Competition for young people in Africa. I really liked the exhibition because it was related to the african culture and tripes that I explore for the bohemian project.