Presenting our thoughts for the exhibition to our tutors  and classmates we came up with many new ideas and things that we need to change or improve.  First of all, the tutors suggest us to focus more on the fashion film rather than the actual exhibition space in order to keep it more simple and not mix too many elements . Therefore, we decided to deal with the space as an actual exhibition hall and keep it minimal. We thought of projecting on a frame like those of the museums the fashion film and keep the rest of the space plain so that the visitors will focus on the video which is our main output. Moreover, since we will mainly work with the idea of turning the space into a museum hall  we thought of creating  a lookbook that will look as a museum catalogue or museum map. Focusing on the film we decided to shoot the garments  on different locations based on the concept of each designer  and have a closing scene with all the three garments hanging on a tree in a forest inspired by Tim Walker. To conclude, I am really pleased with the feedback that the tutors gave us, as they provide us with more “Food for thought” and ideas that  we can apply to improve our final result. I am looking forward to take action and start the shootings.

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