Readjusting my self to the new reality created due to the new virus  that entered our life, I continued staying and working from work. As the days pass I start getting more used to this reality and find new thing to entertain my self and pass my day. During this week we arranged two meeting on Microsoft teams with my group to discuss and share  the work that we have done individually for the project, plan our next steps and brainstorm. Personally, this week  I finished the floor plan and 3d sketch of the space  and I am working currently on our website. I believe that so far our collaboration, even from distance, with my team mates works very well as we have from the beginning clear roles and deadlines. Finalising the website is the main goal that I have for next week. Moreover, we have arranged two video meeting for next week with my teammates to discuss our process and review what we have done and what we are missing to complete the project. I keep going  hoping that the situation will start getting better day by day

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