On Tuesday 3rd of March I met with the rest members of the group to talk and decide the final concept of  the exhibition space in order to present it on Thursday to our tutors. After a lot of thinking we decided to turn the exhibition space to an old living room and display a vintage sofa and an old TV projecting the fashion film that we will create.  Each wall in the fashion space will represent  the three designers and will have elements based on their aesthetics.  Moreover, we discussed to create a TV guide as a look-book and a controller as an invitation for the exhibition. Talking about the name of our fashion we decided that since the place will look as a living room to name it “night in with the gals”. So far, I am really satisfied with my collaboration and communication with the my teammates as I think that similar ideas and way of thinking. Concerning our roles we have decided that will split them and each of us will be responsible for their own section and help the other wherever is needed. So we came out with the role of film maker, set designer, curator and stylist.  Personally, I am going to work closely with Sarah for the styling of the models for the shoots .

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