Module impression

Coming back after the summertime and hearing from tutors “your next project is to come up with your own magazine” was a sentence that I cannot lie stressed me out. My head full of questions “WHEN?””HOW?””WHO” “WHAT TYPE OF MAGAZINE?” . Today, holding a copy of “Halt magazine” I realised that everything is possible with good organisation and collaboration. Being the stylist of the magazine was the role that I wanted from the very first moment of the module. Having not worked  in this position before I cannot lie that I was full of anxiety but at the same time excitement to explore my role and responsibilities. As a stylists I mainly worked on sketching outfits, creating mood-boards and  searching clothes for the shoot. Trying to use mainly second hand or friend’s clothes in order to be sustainable, there were times that I struggled to find the clothes needed for the suitable garment for the shoot. Generally, speaking I had good collaboration with the rest members of the team. However, due to pressure, stress and anxiety there were times that we faces difficulties and disagreements as a group. Stepping out of the role of the stylist, I can say that it is a position that I definitely enjoyed and I am looking forward to do it again in the future. To conclude,reaching now the end of this process, I believe that it was a demanding and at the same time beneficial project since it was a great lesson and stimuli of the time management, organization and team spirit required in the fashion industry.

Beeswax food wrap workshop

On Thursday 12 December we created a found raising event at the university in order to collect money for our magazine. The workshop took place in a class and all the students of the university could access it. We organised a workshop were people could participate and learn how to create beeswax food wrap. We supplied the participants with all the equipment needed and we organised them in small group of approximately 6 people in order to work better and more efficient. The participation cost was 3 pounds and the people took with them their creations after the workshop.It was a very interesting experience  as I saw that people enjoy it  a lot and the same time we made money for our magazine! Overall, I think it was a clever and enjoyable event both for us and the participants!