First tutorial

After brainstorming with my group, we had our first meeting with our tutor to share and discuss our ideas about the project and the way we are going design  the space. Firstly, we expressed our thoughts and ideas and then our tutor gave us her suggestions and guidance. Therefore, after our discussion the idea of reinvent the story of a painting in the space came out. More specifically, we thought of turning one of Monet painting’s ,since both designers are influenced by him, into a contemporary version of it. In other words, we decided to bring alive into the setting a painting of Monet that evokes the aesthetics and mood of the two designers.  Layering different fabrics and materials is the main way that we are planing to bring alive the painting into the exhibition space.


After meeting the designed and discussing about their collection, we gathered with the rest of the members of the team in order to brainstorm of ideas for the space and assign our roles. Firts of all, since both designers use nature as an inspiration we thought of using the four seasons and depict each season on each wall. Flowers, green rug, a pont and soil were a few ideas that we had for depicting nature in the space. Talking about four seasons we thought it will be interesting to use the four senses and have objects that the audience can feel, taste ,touch and smell. Therefore, play in different terms with the number 4. Moreover, since one of the designers is interested on shadows we found an interesting idea to play with lights, transpant surfaces and fabrics to create shadows. Finally, since the two designers have many differences and similarities in their collections at the same time, we thought of using old screent to project fashion film projecting models wearing the garments of the two designers.

Meeting the designers

Closing the door as a stylist of Halt magazine, I was super excited to learn more details about the new project “Pathway Project”.After listening to the brief of the module, I was looking forward to meet the fashion design students and learn everything about their collections. Lucy and Shein are the designers that we are going to work with. Meeting them on Thursday 7 February we learned everything about the garments, their inspiration and also detect the similarities and differences of their collections.To begin with, Lucy was mainly inspired by artists like Claude Monet and fashion deistned like Anna Sui. The main theme of her collection is nature, earth and plants. She is also inspired by ice and more specifically ice cracking. The color palette that she is going to use is cold colors like different shades of blue and white.Shein wants to combine in her collection casual and formal creating clothes that last long. Her main inspiration is  the designer is Jils Sander, Alex Mil, Aime and Beautiful People. She is also interested on shadows and playing with lights inspired by Jil Sander’s men 2020 collection. After talking with both designers we realized that thet both use nature as inspiration,they both created a jacket as a final piece and that they both have movement and floating in their collection.