Barcelona is wellknown  for its buildings and its architecture. Gaudi is one of the most famous Catalanian  architects . His impressive and unique buildngs  surrond the whole city. During my trip in Barcelona I had the chance  to visit most of them including Park Guell, Casa Batllo, Casa Mila and Sagrada Famillia. Gaudi in his works used technical rationality, prodigious mastery of forms and materials and all of the had symbolic content. He always provide practical solutions such as planning for viaduct and paths for people. Gaudi was mainly inspired by  his passion in life about architecture, nature and religion. In all of his building he was influenced by neo-gothic art and oriental tecnhiques. Generally,  I like Gaudi’s building around Barcelona but I was really impressed by the prints and the colors on the mosaics that decorated the buildings of Parc Guell.


Joan Miro museum Barcelona

In March I made a trip in Barcelona which is known for its buildings and museums.  The museum that I liked the most from the ones that I visited was Joan Miro exhibition.  Miro considered art to be an essential aspect of human nature with original magical and sacred attributes that have to be recovered.  In his paintings he combined linear elements with highly simplified forms . He used often printed images while his figures where  monstrosously deformed.  Moreover, poetry was another source of inspiration for the artists.  I really liked  a painting that the artist drew with a knife, opening up spaces and let fire cosnume the canvas.  As he stated ” The attack on painting wad direct”.


Saatchi Gallery.GeorgII Uvs ” Full Circle: The Beauty of Inevitability”

The second exhibition that I visited  was called “Full Circle: The Beauty of Inevitiability” on Saatchi Gallery. It was a synthesis  of science and art depicting  four intelinking groups : Mesozoic, Genesis, Code and Wings and each one depcited a journey through the connection of nature and life.  The artists use a personally developes painting teachnique  that is governed by paint density  with the inclusion of UV light pigments and a rich consistency of colors. I was really surprised and I really liked the outcome of his technique as it alters our perception of the painting and its relationshio with the surrondig space.  I really liked the colo combinations used in each painting and they way that the color changed when the UV light hitted them.  The aim of the artits is to communicate  the beauty and the perfection of nature. 

London Design museum: David Adjaye: Making Memory

The previous weekend I visited London and I had the chance to go to two really interesting exhibitions. The first on was the on the design museum David Adjaye’s display with the title “Making memory”.   The exhibition is about the work of the architect set in London, New York and Accra based architecture paractice. Also, it examines the theme of the monument and touches on issues such as memory, expierence, representation and the architecture role within them.  There are seven key works displayed in the museum and each of them are  encompanied with pictures and maquettes. Included are the Smithsonian National Museum of African History and Culture in Washinghton, the new National Cathedral of Ghana, the UK Holocaust Memorial and Learing Centre, the Sclera Pavilion, Mass Extinction Memorial Observatory, and the Coretta Scott King and Martin Luther King Memorial in Boston. Moreover, there are quotes and texts displayed on the walls exhibitions that I really like.