Month: May 2020

As part of the project I thought it will be cool to create some gifs for the Instagram account and the website of the space, with the images that we g...

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Part of of my role in the group was to create a digital mockup of the exhibition space, this was something that I haven’t done before as well. A...

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Sketchup mockup

After the new  dimension of the module we reorganise the tasks and assigned new roles. Therefore, I was responsible to create the website of the fash...

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As part of the sustainability  week the university in collaboration with Balfour Primary school organised some sustainability workshops for 5th and 6...

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Approaching the end of this semester,  the time for last minute corrections and project submission has came. During this week I submitted the assignm...

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Coming to the end of the total lockdown in Greece I spent this week finishing the assignments that I had left over. As from next Monday the measuremen...

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