As part of the project I thought it will be cool to create some gifs for the Instagram account and the website of the space, with the images that we gathered from the designers and those that we took during the photoshoot. Therefore, I researched online website where you can create gifs and I used the one called “giphs”. Although it was the first time I made my one gifs I found the process really easy. I experimented on the platform and made several gifs for each designer, in order to review them with my team members and choose those that we like the most for the website and Instagram account. I was really satisfied with the result as they gif an interactive, playful  and lively character the website and instagram and is also something that stays at the readers mind and memory. Creating gifs is an additional knowledge that I gained throughout this module.I am happy that the rest of the team found interesting the gifs that I made. Below are some examples of the gifs that I designed while I experimented on the website.





Sketchup mockup

Part of of my role in the group was to create a digital mockup of the exhibition space, this was something that I haven’t done before as well. After a research that I made  I found that the best website for creating digital maquette is sketch up. Therefore, I decided to use this program for creating the mockup of the space.After spending  a lot of hours that I spend on learning how to use it and how each tool works, I achieved to create the mockup of the exhibition space. After a tutorial, the teacher recommended to add some more details in order to look more realistic and clear. Therefore, I edited and made it a bite more detailed. At the end both me and my team mated were very satisfied with the result as it looked very realistic and it was really close to the idea that we had for creating and decorating the fashion space.   


After the new  dimension of the module we reorganise the tasks and assigned new roles. Therefore, I was responsible to create the website of the fashion space. Although I haven’t done any other website before, I was willing to learn how to make a website and organise its content. I researched different platforms where someone can create a website and I found that the best one is Wix, which is the one that  used to make it. I tried to make it as  visual as I could in order to display the garments of the designers   . I used a friendly  tone so that the text will be engaging with the audience. After the group meeting with the tutors and the feedback that they gave us  for the website, I made some corrections and changes in order to make the website more interactive. Although, it was the first time I designed a website I was really satisfied with the result and I am really glad that the rest of team were happy with the work I have done.



As part of the sustainability  week the university in collaboration with Balfour Primary school organised some sustainability workshops for 5th and 6th grade elementary school students. Me and four other students from second and third year visited the school in order to explain to the children what is sustainability, ways of being sustainable and eliminating the environmental pollution and damage. Moreover, as part of this workshop we showed them how to create reusable tote bags and helped them make and decorate their own bags. I really enjoyed these two days of the workshops as I had great collaboration and communication with the children. Also I really liked the feeling of raising awareness and informing young kids  for serious issues like the environment and sustainability.


Approaching the end of this semester,  the time for last minute corrections and project submission has came. During this week I submitted the assignment of my optional module on Tuesday. Moreover, on Thursday I had a video-chat meeting with one of my tutors where we discussed my process throughout the module, my role in the team and we  went over my sketchbook and portfolio. I found very useful this tutorial as the teacher gave me a really helpful feedback highlighting some corrections that I could  change on my sketchbook to improve it. Therefore, I decided to devote the following days of this week to make this corrections on the sketchbook and portfolio. Moreover, on Friday we had a video call with my team in order to organise and create the pdf with all our work for the final submission. Coming to the end of this module I can tell that I was really satisfied with the outcome that I produced on an individual and team degree as well as with the relationship that I developed with the girls in the team. Moreover,I gained some knowledge  on  Photoshop and Sketchup since it was the first time I used these two programs. Also,I am really happy for learning how to create a website since I haven’t done one before.


Coming to the end of the total lockdown in Greece I spent this week finishing the assignments that I had left over. As from next Monday the measurements will become milled I thought  of finishing  the remaining work in order to have time to go out and spent time with my family and friends. Therefore, I finalised the assessments for the optional module. Also, I wrote  and finished my personal reflection, which gave me a chance to look back to all the the work that I have done and the knowledge that I gained throughout this project. Generally speaking I think that I took advantage of this spare time at home on experimenting, practicing new programs and reflecting. Overall, I am really satisfied with the worked that I have done  for this project. I had the time to learn how to use photoshop on advanced level and create for first time a digital portfolio. I enjoyed making  my sketchbook on Photoshop and I think that I will continue working on  a digital sketchbook on my future projects. Moreover, I am very happy with close relationship and collaboration that I created with my teammates, despite the difficult circumstances that we worked under. To conclude, this time at home helped my develop and grow both on a personal and professional degree.