“Luxury Cave” Design museum

During my day trip inLondon I visited Design Museum whicg hosted the “Luxury Cave” exhibition which is an e-commerce exhibition that sells  extraordiary unique art, fashion,design pieces.  Each subject has unique rare history behind it. “Luxury Cave” is  founded by Darren Miller and Sofia Barattieri, and its  aim is to allowing customers to shop unusual luxury products. The goal of the exhibition is to allow see the e-commerce platform come to life. The exhibitions hosts a a variety of artists like the fashion designer Mary Katrantzou, Lucio Fontana, andThomas Heatherwick. Mary Katrantzou as a Greek is one of my favourite fashion designer, thus I was really happy and exhitited for having the chanhe to see one of her luxury collection in real life. I liked the garments a lot as they all reflected a different elements of nature and they were delicate luxury materials


Victoria&Albert museum: Dior exhibition

The previous weekend I visited Dior exhibtion hosted in Victoria  & Albert museum.  The exhibition presented the garments of different creative directors that worked for the house throughou the years. Dior from the first collection in 1947 he had created his own identity , he played with the structure and proportions to create clothes  that powerfully expressed and attitude. Throughout his life the designer traveled a lot and was inspired  by the architecture,  landescapes, art and textiles of different countrues abd cities naming  his dresses after the places that influenced him. I was really impressed by the clothing echbited as each of it was created from different materials and techiniques. Moreover, based on the creative directir of the collection each garment  expressed a different character , they were romantic, bohemian, ethnic, floral, colorful and more minimal dresses. Finally, I  really like the setting and the prompts used as they were connected to the style of each collection.  The room that I liked the most was “The garden” as it was all full of of flowers that made the place look as a fairytale.



Alison Lapper talk

On Friday 1st Februart Alison Lapper visited our university and gave us a talk about her life and career. Alsison Lapper despite her disability challenged her sef throughout her life and achievied to become a worldwide recognisable artits. Throughout her talk she spoke about her disability, the comments that she received from people, how others confort her and how she had accepted her disability and learnt tolive with it .  After her talk, a workshop took place where the artisti how how to draw using alternative parts of our body like our mouth and foot and without using at all out hands. I really enjoyed this expirience although at the begining it was a bit difficult and challenging. This workshop gave me the opportunity to expand my creativity  and way of thinking and to consider how many thinks that are obvious for me, might miss in someone else life


Book binding workshop

On Monday 28 January a workshop on how to create and bind skecthbook took place. During this workshop step by step using simple materials like paper, glue, magazines and scissors we manages to create our own personal skecthbooks. I really enjoy the procedure as I found really useful the way we can recyle old paper,fabrics, magazines and even  receipts to create sketchbooks. I  took a time lapse video with my phone in order to record the procedure that I follow to create my skechbook.

Musee Yves Saint Lauren Paris

During me trip in Paris I had the chance to visit Yves Saint Lauren museum. The museum was separated in small rooms and each one of it influenced different country. China, Japan and India were the main sources of inspiration for Yves Saint Lauren’s collection.On the top floor of the museum there was a room that represents Yves Saint Lauren studio. This was the part that I liked the most because I had the chance to see how a real fashion studio looks like.