First impressions

New academic year, new life, new people, new house, new places… all started when I moved in Brighton in the September. Before coming here I was stressed about university, teacher, presentations, essays. Now, a month later I am so happy and satsified with my new life. Lectures, seminars, classes all work perfectly for me. The unit I really loved in the course is the Styling Workshops. I really enojoy the process of imagining, folding, wraping, mixing  fabrics and clothes trying to create different styles and looks. Moreover, I like the group work part as through it I have to meet new people, share thoughts and combine opions and ideas.  Finally, I found very interesting the marketing project , I  liked the idea of working on a local shop in Brighton as we will have the opportunity to have a physical contact with the owner and the products of the shop in order to get into the concept of how the market works. One month in Brighton and I can say that uni treats me really  well!

Expirementation on natural dyed fabrics

After a  research on jewlery designners that use nature as inpiration I decided to expiriment with natural materials. Focusing on Ayla Bar brand and the pattern fabrics that she uses to make  her earrings I decided to explore natural ways to dye fabrics and create patterns and prints. After a  reseacrh, I found an Italian designer  Cara Marie Piazza  who is a natural dyer and textile desgner who produces ethical and sustainable fabrics.  Hence,  I bought white fabrics and natural materials that color fabrics like flowers, pomegranate, berries and cabbage . I wrap the white fabric with the natural materials and boiled  for 7 minutes. After that, I unwrapped them and leave them to dry. The result was to end up creating natural dyed ecofrinedly patterns and prints with unique color combination and forms.

Pesonal pictures of the process on different phases.


“Fashion from nature” exhibition Victoria & Albert museum

“Fashion from Nature” is an exhibition hosted in Victoria&Albert museum  that explores the relationship between nature and fashion.  The exhibition  shows how designer s through the centuries used nature as a sorce of inspiration and the contemporary innovators who are directly addressing the issues caused by the industry. It highlights the   work of innovative designers that use nature as source of inspiration or use natural materials as a raw material in their collections.  Innovative new fabrics and dyeing processses where also featured. The rising issues  of sustainabilty, recycle and ecology in fashion were as well highlighted.

Perosnal photographs by the author from the exhibition.




In my vision Fashion Business and Communication is a course that perfectly combines practical and theoretical skills. Inspiration, Innovation and Imagination are three words that I feel that characterize me and I think that they will be omnipresent in the course.  Everything around the world works as a source of inspiration for me, from magazines that I may find on my desk to the sea that I observe when I take a walk.  Imagination and Innovation perfectly suits me, as I am a creative person that enjoys making collage, sketches, drawings and taking pictures.   The “business” part of the course demands more theoretical skills like calculation and interpretation of balance sheets and financial statements, which although I do not really enjoy I think that they are  the foundations for all the careers that one may follow.