Still life shooting

Based on the moodboards and research that I did, I made a photoshooting of still life objects that were captured with different elements from nature like flowers and plants. Therefore, I decided to create some images of still life objects with flowers. Due to the lockdown I was not able to make the shooting at the studio as I had planned before, therefore I did at my place. Due to the restrictions I was not able to find a model as well, so I captured my own legs against a wall in my house. Although the shooting was quiet unprofessional I was really happy with the results that I produce. I find really interesting the colour contrast that was created between the colour of the shocks and the the colour of the flowers. With the pictures that I produced during this shooting I am planning to make different collages digitally as well as illustrations for the magazine. Playing around with the images I did different types of collages working on colour contrast between the the background and the content of the image. I am really satisfied with the result of the collages that I created and therefore I am going to use  the ones that I liked most into the magazine .



Gif experimentation

After experimentation and working on Photoshop  on editing different images that I have take during a photo shooting  on still life, I decided to try and create gifs using the collages that I had created. It was the second time that I worked on creating Gifs and is a process that I really enjoy doing since they make the image more vivid and alive. I experimented using different colours , graphics and movements. I really like  designing Gifs as I found that they give a life to the content of the image and make it more interactive and engaging with the audience. Therefore, I planning to place some of the collages on the magazine with a qr code that the readers can scan it in order to see the gifs.

Flat plan

I created a presentation that includes some visual elements of the magazine and the flat plan. I design the palette based on a picture of a sunset in Greece that I had taken. I choose to work with pastel soft colours in order to keep a minimal, smoothing and calm vibe and aesthetic on the magazine. After, a lot of experimentation with typography working with different fonts and types I designed the final logo of the magazine. Finally, I created a flat plan with the content of the magazine in order to be organise and have a clear view of the content that I have to collect and create. The magazine will mainly consist from articles, shootings, artists interviews, collaboration with brands, recipes and diy.

Flat plan