Coming to the final end many door are closing and more are about to open. It is the point that I realise that hard work that I have done over the past one year. Creating my magazine, website, portfolio, business and post cards. Reconnect magazine was the first magazine I created on my own, it was a very a good experience and lesson for me. I faced many and different challenged through the making and the editing of the magazine but at the end I am very proud of my “baby”. the first editorial that I have ever made.At the beginning I faced many difficulties and challenged because of all the global situation with the pandemic and the government restrictions that made it harder to work with other people. However, I think that situation boost and challenge myself and my creativity. I organised multiple photo shootings with friends of mine outdoors  and in my house which would never took place under different circumstances.Facing the difficulties as challenges I believe is the key to success. After collecting the content for my magazine, it was quiet difficult for me to put everything together and edit it. I struggled quiet a lot on designing the layout of the magazine and spent a lot of hours on editing. Since I was stacked for a long time on it I decided to visit Brighton magazine store and get some inspiration. Therefore, I spent some time on flipping through different magazines, looking at their layout, typography, tone and images. After my visit on the store  I was full of ideas and inspirations on creating my final result.So there we go after 4 months of a lot of challenges, difficulties buy also happiness and joy. Reconnect my first ever magazine.Reconnect magazine is and internationally distributed  publication  and online community focusing on nature, fashion and positivity. It is a monthly editorial exploring human contact with nature and the relationship that humans had established with the natural world during three different periods ,before, during and after covid.The magazine examines the way that this pandemic challenged and changed our relationship with nature.Positivity and optimism are our driving fources, focusing on the “bright side of life” during these hard days.  Our mission is to encourage our readers stay positive appreaciating the beauty and pleasure of the great outdoors. The magazine approaches themes related to the natural world such as sustainability, natural dying and organic brands and shops to visit.Aiming to raise awareness about environmental issues such as climate change and pollution .We are targeting generazation Z,fashionable young individuals  with a high concern about nature and environment. Conscious, responsible and sensitive are some of the adjectives that can describe the profile of our  readers.

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