Cyanotype printing

Researching photographers working on environmental pollution, I discover Kasia Wozniak a polish photographer working mainly with analogue photography. “This is plastic” is a project that she made in order to depict the pollution that humans create on the environment. She made a series of cyanotype prints from the pictures of plastic waste  that she had taken on her walk the beach between Broadstairs and Margaret in 2017. I found these images very interesting and beautiful thus, I decided to search more about cyanotype printing. It is a technique that uses a mixture of iron compounds which when get exposed to UV light and washed in water oxidise to create Prussian Blue Images. Therefore, I order  online a cyanotype printing kit in order to experiment myself with this process. On my first attempt, I used some images of rubbish that I had taken from the park. However, I was not very satisfied with the result since the prints were not very clear and visual. I found out that images with a lot of details like the ones that I use are more difficult to get printing using this technique. Thus, I continued my experimentation using this time objects  that are often found thrown down on the streets like plastic bags, drinking cups, food packs and masks. I placed the objects on top of the special paper and then I put them on the UV light  for a few minutes until the paper changes colour from blue to white. Then, I washed the paper in water for a few seconds and left dry . In this case,  I was very content that I got using this technique since the objects were effectively printed on the paper. I found this technique fascinating  as it is a creative way of depicting images.

“Damage, Disrespect,Depreciation” shooting

Being inspired by Tim Walker’s editorial on August Vogue and Laurea’s Frankel project “Recycled beauty” I decided to capture a series of still life images using rubbish like  plastic bags, masks, plastic gloves , food and drink packages decorated with beautiful plants and flowers in order to create contrast between the beauty of nature and the rubbish. Through these imagery I want to show to the audience the pure elegance and delicacy of nature and the way that it gets vandalised  from humans interversions. Moreover, I am aiming to raise awareness about issues such as environmental pollution and encourage people be more respectful and careful towards the planet that they live in. I created 6 series of images with a synthesis of different items that I found, I haven’t planned the combinations before but I placed together the items that looked better on my eye .At the end, I was really satisfied with the result of the images since I believe that they communicate the message successful to the audience.

Toxic nature shooting

Being inspired by the “Bag off” and “Bag for life” projects I made a shooting with the name “Toxic nature”. In this case , due to the current  lockdown I faced some difficulties on finding models and booking the studios on university. Therefore, I did test shoot in my house with two friends of mine in order to work on the concept and find out positions. I placed on their head plastic bags in order to symbolise the way that many people close their eyes nowadays towards crucial issues like environmental pollution and climate change. The smoke that comes out the bags plays a double role on the picture as on the one hand symbolised the mystery  and insecurity of the future and  on the other hand shows the air pollution on the environment. Overall, I was satisfied with result of the shooting because although I did not use professional models and a studio, I believe that the images communicate successfully the message that wanted to pass to my audience and highlight the feelings of mystery, frustration and insecurity. about the future.


Researching online about the impact that fashion industries cause on the environment  and especially water I found many images depicting rivers and seas water being polluted by different substances like chemicals and artificial dyes.  On these pictures hazardous harmful liquids were floating on different  colours on the water. I found really shocking but at the same time powerful this images as it is a beautiful way to depict the ugliness that we cause to the environment. Therefore, I wanted to experiment with colour in order to find an artistic way to depict this . I worked with watercolour on paper as I experimented with these materials I found that through watering first the paper and then apply the water colour I get this liquid effect that I was looking for. Thus, I used blue colour to depict the health clean water and darker intense colours like brown, purple and green to symbolise the chemical that get inside the water. I was really satisfied from the outcome of this experimentation and  I am going to develop more, working on a bigger scale on canvas, using this time ecolines. As I was expirimenting  I took several time-lapse in order to record the process.

“River Blue”

Watching “ RiverBlue”, an evironomental documentary by David McIlvride I realized how fashion industry nowadays “kills” nature and the environment. The film is about the conservationist Mark Angelo’s world river journey during which he uncovered and documented the pollution impacts of the global fashion industry. Based on the film water poluution in river across China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Zambia is due to the Western world and especially fashion industries.For China fashion industry is a huge source of money but at the same time the biggest cause of river’s pollution. China offers to the wolrd the whole fashion industry but at thes same gets all the pollutionThe chemicals that poison the water in China’s river create public health
risks as well as problems in the environment. Based on the documentary, in China cancer and other decease are connencted to water pollution. Dhaka in Bangladesh is the biggect exporting city in the world.Companies there do not care about the environment do it just to increase their profits. Every year, 200 thousands chemical are exposed to the Buringa river, which make people lose their smell, health deceases and even death. This shows how low cost clothing has in reality a very high caused attached. I really liked this documentery as I learned  and figures out a lot of information about the fashion industry that I wouldn’t never thought about. Moreover, I was really shocked with the  harsh but real depiction of the places where some people work, leave and survive due to us, the Western consumers that continuously  by goods, without having in mind the consequences that these purchases might have to the environment or other people’s life. Overall,after this movie I will start be more conscious consumer, trying to stick on sustainable, environmental friendly brands.