Staying indoors during the pandemic due to the multiple lockdowns and care fews we had to recreate our reality based on the circumstances of the time. Therefore, our house became our office, gym, restaurant , cinema and many more. Our daily boundaries, reality  and habits changed completely. I made an editorial shooting in order to capture this “new reality” highlighting all our new habits , ceremonies and activities inside our house.  Working remotely matching  our pyjamas with our office suit has became part of our reality, dressing up for a virtual party or graduation as well. Overall, I was very satisfies with the results of the shooting and especially from the ones on the terrace as I found very powerful the position and facial expressions of the model. The shooting took place in my house and on our communal terrace. As I wanted to depict this new reality in a sarcastic and humanistic way, I made my model work remotely in her living room using an iron board as a desk , vacuuming while writing on the computer and do a workout while she is dressed up. This photoshooting was highly inspired by Vogue’s  Spring 2021 “Creativity in motion” project, where Vogue joined forces with an army of photographers and models around the globe through zoom connections and sent clothes via courier services to celebrate spring fashion breaking free after a year of stasis, immobility and lockdowns.


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