After meeting the designed and discussing about their collection, we gathered with the rest of the members of the team in order to brainstorm of ideas for the space and assign our roles. Firts of all, since both designers use nature as an inspiration we thought of using the four seasons and depict each season on each wall. Flowers, green rug, a pont and soil were a few ideas that we had for depicting nature in the space. Talking about four seasons we thought it will be interesting to use the four senses and have objects that the audience can feel, taste ,touch and smell. Therefore, play in different terms with the number 4. Moreover, since one of the designers is interested on shadows we found an interesting idea to play with lights, transpant surfaces and fabrics to create shadows. Finally, since the two designers have many differences and similarities in their collections at the same time, we thought of using old screent to project fashion film projecting models wearing the garments of the two designers.

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