Student Paramedic Documentation

Practice Placement Document (PAD)

Here you will find examples of the first, second- and third-year paramedic placement document.  This document is allocated to each individual student in paper form and is their responsibility for that academic year.  The majority of this document will be completed by the student’s allocated paramedic mentor, however it is important that a member of staff signs the PAD to show that the student attended their placement.

2022 Year 1 PAD paramedic pad

2023 Year 2 PAD paramedic pad

2023 Year 3 PAD paramedic pad


Clinical sign-offs

Some students may request sign-offs in their PAD during their interprofessional placements.  There is no obligation for interprofessional mentors to sign any competencies for our students.  However, if the person who directly supervised the skill has a valid mentorship qualification and is happy with the level of performance shown by our students then they are welcome to sign the document.


Skills passport

Each student is given a skills passport to demonstrate the clinical interventions they are approved to perform out in practice.  Please find an example of that below. All students should be able to produce this when requested, prior to carrying out any physical interventions, such as cannulation.

Skills Passport