Peer Enhanced e-Placement (PEEP)

The Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Podiatry Placement leads are currently developing a Peer Enhanced e-Placement (PEEP) for delivery during the academic year 2020-21. The PEEP model was developed by Dr Lisa Taylor from the University of East Anglia in response to Covid-19 lock down when student placements had to stop. Following funding from HEE, Lisa was able to provide a workshop for us, in conjunction with Professor Gilly Salmon,  at the University of Brighton and share her resources with our teams. We are very grateful to Lisa and Gilly and look forward to being the PEEP to life at Brighton.

The PEEP model has been created to mirror (as much as possible) a usual “face to face” placement, but delivered via the virtual learning environment. Using a variety of case studies, practical and reflective tasks,  and activities with academics, clinicians and service users (all delivered remotely), the PEEP model allows groups of students to work together to meet placement learning outcomes. Students have reported that they have found the peer learning process extremely helpful, in particular in enhancing their clinical reasoning skills.

When evaluated, it was also highlighted that the PEEP model provided valuable learning around key employability attributes that have been highlighted as a priority by employers e.g. teamwork, interpersonal skills, listening, problem solving and taking responsibility. Having time to consider a wide range  of case studies during the PEEP also provides students with a breadth of learning opportunities to draw upon to develop their employability and career planning.

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