PT Useful Resources & Contacts

University of Brighton Placement team 

Here is the email for the Physiotherapy Placement team to contact with any questions regarding practice education.  


Twitter is full of useful information, from individuals placement journeys to links to webinars on current topics, follow our twitter handles below:

@BrightPhysio  @UoBriPhysioSoc   @thecspstudents  @PhysioArmstrong


Chartered Society of Physiotherapy 

The CSP support practice educators in their role to facilitate learning. They supply a framework to work with, how to become a practice educator and a help portal for any questions educators have.

They have produced this useful site to promote placements in private practice with useful advice: Private practice placements

Sign up to become a member to have access  to various resources and network with other physiotherapists across the country. 

Practice educators 

What makes a good placement?

CSP Record Keeping Guidance

CSP Consent Guidance

Principles of Practice Based Learning (RCOT and CSP)

Trinity College Dublin

This page has great resources for educators, with videos of how to give effective feedback to students and practice education guidelines.

Practice Educator Resources


Webinars have become more common during the pandemic, with promoting some webinars focused for practice educators interested in online learning and how the world is adapting to the pandemic.