OT Documentation

This page includes the documentation that you and the student will need for Occupational Therapy Practice Learning.

This page includes:

  • Negotiated Learning Agreement
  • Supervision Log
  • Student Passport
  • Assessment Form

When you agree to be a Practice Educator you will also be emailed directly the course handbook.

The Negotiated Learning Agreement 

This Negotiated Learning Agreement is used to identify areas that the student would like to develop in and can be used to continuously develop the student’s abilities and confidence throughout their practice placement.  We suggest that it is completed early in the placement so that both student and educator are clear about what the student will be working on during the placement, with clear SMART objectives agreed from the outset.

You can download the form here.

Supervision Log

Supervision is important for professional growth and development and improves placement outcomes. The Royal College of Occupational Therapists’ Supervision Guidance can be found here

Students are required to have one hour of formal supervision on placement each week.

You can download the university  supervision record here.

If you prefer, you can also find the HCPC supervision agreement template here and supervision recording template here.


 Assessment Form

The Assessment Form must be filled out by both the Educator and the student at the half way point and at the end of the practice learning.

Please download the MSc Assessment form here

Please download the BSc Assessment form here

Please download the Occupational Therapist Degree Apprenticeship assessment form here

Student Documents

Student Passport 

This provides key information for educators about students’ mandatory training, DBS, vaccinations, emergency contact numbers and any developmental or learning needs that need to be considered while on placement.

If you are supporting a student with additional needs please see our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion page for additional information.


Our new practice learning evaluation form can be downloaded here: Placement Evaluation Form 23-24


Emergency Contacts Form

OT placement offer and allocation timeline