Occupational therapy Practice Educator (PE) Training and Calendar


The PE training workshops will now include:

  1. A new HEE AHP PE e-learning programme (1 day in the practitioner’s own work time/plan as agreed with their managers) and
  2. A follow-on half day session with the university, online (MSTEams).
  3. For refresher/update sessions, please book on one of the half day follow-on sessions on MSTeams.


Participants will need to:

  1. To book a place for the follow-on half day session with the university, email: Occupational-Therapy-Placements@brighton.ac.uk
  2. A link to the HEE training site will be sent once you have requested training and booked with us.
  3. Participants will then need to complete the NEW HEE AHP PE e-LEARNING PROGRAMME FIRST AND COMMIT TO PROVIDE A PLACEMENT BEFORE THEY ATTEND the University of Brighton (UoB) follow-on half day training session on MSTeams.

 PLEASE NOTE: The new HEE AHP PE e-learning programme session has 3 modules and will take about a day to complete all the modules. Catalogue (learninghub.nhs.uk)

2024-25: NHSE AHP PE e-learning programme to be completed before attending.

These follow-on sessions are also applicable to those who require an update or refresher.

All 9.30am – 13.00pm

Follow-on with UoB: 18/09/24
Follow-on with UoB: 08/01/25
Follow-on with UoB: 24/02/25

 To book a place for an update/refresher or diverse, please email Occupational-Therapy-Placements@brighton.ac.uk

Update/Refresher course Online via MS Teams 2024-25
09.30– 13.00 Wed 18/09/24  TS/AY

Wed 08/01/25  TS/HC

Mon 24/02/25  AY/JB


Diverse educator session Online via MS Teams  
2024-25 Wed: 26/06/24 (AY) 9.30 -13.00

Mon: 23/09/24 (AY) 9.30 –13.00

2025-26 Wed: 25/06/24 (AY) 9.30 -13.00

Mon: 22/09/24 (AY) 9.30 –13.00