PAD and OAR documents

Image of the front page of the South Practice Assessment Documnet

PDF copies of the University of Brighton South Practice Assessment Documnets (PADs) and Ongoing Acievement Record (OAR) are provided below. These can be downloaded, and pages printed as required to replace pages in existing documents, or used for reference by practice partners and university colleagues.


South PAD Brighton BSc Part 1 v4 – 24082023

South PAD Brighton BSc Part 2 v4 – 24082023

South PAD Brighton BSc Part 3 v4 – 24082023

OAR + Appendix 1 – August 2023

These are the 2023-2024 versions of the documents, so please be aware that learners that started prior to September 2023 may have a slightly different version of the documents.  For page replacements, it is fine to use the updated version of the documents. If the older version is required, please contact the PLL team to provide this: