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Thank you for accessing our pages.  We are thrilled you are supporting one of our physiotherapy learners on placement.  In this section we are sharing key information with you to help and support you in this essential role.

Common Placement Assessment Form

We use all 3 levels of assessment forms with our students in UoB.

Level 4 form L4_SCQF L8_v2 with Appendices_0 is used for the MSc Physiotherapy (pre-reg) first placement.  They do this placement after 8 weeks on their course (late October time) and it is very much an opportunity for these students to work in practice (more at a PTA level), experience health and social care and gain valuable learning to feed forward to their problem based learning course.

Level 5 form L5_SCQF L9_v2 with Appendices is used for the first placement for the BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy students.  This is the first placement for these students and is timed to be late February of their Year 2.

Level 6 form L6_SCQF L10_v3 with Appendices is used for all the rest of both cohorts placements, so for UoB students it will be mainly level 6 form you will be working with them on.

Placement assessment forms are to be completed by both student and educator during and at the end of the placement. The most up to date copies of the forms can be found here  

We hugely value your role as an educator and want to support you in this as much as possible. You and the students will be visited by a member of the academic team at about the half way point of the placement.  Please feel free to come to a regular practice educator update but always feel you can contact us whilst you have a student if you would like some additional support.

The CSP has produced a huge amount of supporting videos and information to support you and the student in using the CPAF :


Student Documents

Student Placement Passport 2023 – This is to be completed and updated by the student and sent to their educator before the placement starts.

Placement Evaluation Form 23-24 – This new evaluation form is  completed by the student at the end of the placement and is returned to you for your CPD.



Placement allocation process

Timeline processes PT placement allocation May 2022