Students with Mental Health Conditions

We encourage students with mental health conditions to talk to you as their educator about their needs so that adjustments can be made in line with recommendations in their learning support plan.  We do not expect students to tell you their diagnosis if they do not want to as it is the recommended adjustments that are important for you as an educator to consider and not the diagnosis itself.

We know that for some students this conversation is difficult as they may feel judged or discriminated against and be fearful that assumptions will be made about their abilities. In our experience, students often have many positive strategies already in place that enables them to do very well on placement. For those students who may have a new diagnosis, and are worried about how this will impact on their placement,  or are finding their mental health is exacerbated by placement we ask that you discuss this with them to identify whether there is additional support that can be provided.  Once any recommendations for adjustments have been implemented then you would facilitate the placement and assess the student against their learning outcomes in the same way.

Please do contact the placement tutor if you have any concerns or need advice at any time.

There is support available at University of Brighton for students with mental health conditions, whether on practice learning or in university. Talking to someone, in confidence, about the issues students are facing may help them to manage them. Please see below for the Mental Health services at the University of Brighton.

Student Counselling Services

University of Brighton student counselling services are available to assist with both personal and work-related problems and can be Accessed here.

Student Support and Guidance Tutors

Student Support and Guidance Tutor are a great source of information and advice on issues that might be impacting your studies and personal life.

Find out more here about the Student Support and Guidance Tutor.

Self-help Resources

Make the most of the self-help resources at the University of  Brighton.

Access here.

External Support: 

Further support is available from these external organisations


Samaritans work to make sure there is always someone there for anyone who needs support.

Access here

Health Education England: Supporting Your Mental Health and Wellbeing

HEE provide resources to help identify and provide support to learners’ struggling with their mental health and may be at risk of burnout, work performance issues and suicide.

These resources will also help to address a potential gap in the training of practice educators /  supervisors who may not have much experience or feel confident in dealing with these sensitive issues.

Access here


Mind provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. Mind campaign  to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.

Access here

British Psychotherapy Foundation

Providing high quality psychotherapy available to those who need it. This includes a Low Fee Service whereby people can access intensive psychotherapy for very low fees.

Access here.

Anxiety UK

Anxiety UK is a national registered charity  and can offer you an extensive range of expert help designed to help you to control your anxiety rather than letting it control you.

There is an annual fee depending on your income.

Access here