Supporting Students with Neurodiversity

This series of posters has been created by the UoB Student Support and Guidance team in collaboration with students- it shares top tips for practice learning.


This is a useful website where lots of information is provided about neurodiversity:  Link here

Health Education England have published this guidance:  Guide to Practice-Based Learning (PBL) for Neurodivergent Students

The Royal College of Nursing have this useful website with information and guidance for supporting staff and students: Link here

This link to a web resource by EZRA provides useful information that is relevant for educators to consider: Breaking myths about neurodiversity

This blog on our Mental Health Nursing Special Interest Group provides useful insights and top tips from Kerry Stott who is a Lead Practitioner working age adults in the community and recently diagnosed with ADHD herself: Read here

These posters have ben created by Occupational Therapy students, Codie Franklin and Chloe Godden. They can be downloaded here:





Useful resources and further reading for supporting learners with autism: Charity that produces resources and webinars about Female and Non Binary Autistic people. They have a YouTube channel and website.


Autism at University Blog – this student blog is about experiences as an Autistic Female Student (2020). It shares her lived experiences and dispels some misconceptions and myths. conferences/spell-higher-education – course run by the National Autistic Society for those that work with Autistic people in Higher Education. *Paid*


Book: ‘Unmasking Autism’ By Dr Devon Price. ISBN 978-1-80096-055-8.  This book draws together a range of evidence and lived experience of Autistic people.


Thinking Autism Guide-  this is a comprehensive blog type resource authored by Autistic people.


Transition to employment toolkit – This Toolkit centres around employment, however it does have some useful areas, particularly the top tips for employers.


https://GMB Neurodiversity in the Workplace Toolkit Toolkit written by the GMB Union about Neurodiversity in the workplace.


Developing undergraduate autism education for medical students: a qualitative study – interesting research paper on how they integrated education from those with lived experience of Autism into medical students education about Autism.