Leadership / Research/ Project Placements

Leadership placements are increasingly being offered by those in more senior positions in organisations as a way of continuing to engage in practice education and to inspire students to become our ‘leaders of tomorrow’.  Research placements are also being offered within R&D teams or as part of clinical placements where a research, audit activity can be carried out to help students develop their service evaluation knowledge and skills.

Leadership and research are two of the four pillars of  Advanced Practice and it is therefore important that students gain these experiences at all levels and develop skills that will complement their clinical practice. These placements provide an opportunity for students to carry out quality improvement projects, audits, research that seek to enhance service delivery.


Leadership placements

NHS England and The Council Of Deans have produced this document that shows importance of embedding leadership into our curricula. The Clinical Leadership Story Pocket Guide

Health Education England ran a workshop and created useful resources:

Leadership Guide

HEE Leadership Practice Learning Workshop

Google slides HEE Leadership Practice Learning Workshop

Menti Next steps & evaluation HEE Leadership Placement

Slide deck HEE Leadership Placement Workshop 26 Apr 21


The Royal College of Occupational Therapists’ Podcast on Leadership can be found here


Here are Megan Dudziak and Shauna Rouse sharing their experiences of doing their leadership placement where they created this website.

Reflections on Leadership placements:

Hannah Watson (Physiotherapy Student) created a Leadership Placement Toolkit as part of her leadership placement with Kent and Medway AHP Faculty. Her webinar presentation can be found here and link here to the Practice based learning toolkit

Sandra Speller, Professional Head of Therapies & Lead AHP, Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust presented about her positive experience of having Grace and Angie, two physiotherapy students on a leadership placement with her.  A video of their reflections, created by the CSP,  can be found  here  and Sandra’s  PowerPoint presentation can be found here

Here are two reflections by Grace Ogunlola and Angie Hulst on their physiotherapy leadership placement  with Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust.

Here are reflections on their  Leadership placement from Tasmin Jesse, Issy Taylor-Gallardo and  David Amarteifio

Here is an insightful reflection from Rebecca Chandler about the value of a split clinical / leadership physiotherapy placement: link here

Rebecca’s educator, Deborah Wilson, also provides some great advice about facilitating leadership placements link here

Here is an example of a project carried out by two Physiotherapy Students, Grace Ogunlola and James Phezulu on a placement with Sussex Empowered Living Health & Well-being guide


Research Placements 

The Council of Deans have produced this really useful document that promotes the importance of research placements and provides some useful case studies: Becoming Research Competent ; Research placements in pre-registration nursing, midwifery and allied health programmes in the UK

Research placements can help health professionals ground their practice in evidence link here

HEE carried out a workshop and creative ideas for what research placements could involve and ways of assessing them can be found here