On-the job and Off-the job learning

An apprentice completes on-the-job and off-the-job learning, these are recorded in their timesheets signed by their line manager and submitted each month

Apprentices must wear their Apprentice Uniform (if appropriate)  and name badge when in employed roles and when attending supernumerary practice

Off-the-job learning – in practice this makes up the 2300 supernumerary hours required for registration. As an apprentice some of these hours may be in their work base setting, during which they must be given the opportunities to shadow registrants and other health professionals, and to take part in all aspects of care. If they are NA they must have opportunities to extend their practice and to embed new knowledge and skills.

On-the-job learning  – during theory blocks and at the end of each year the apprentice returns to work in their employed role. During this time they should be supported to continue to practice and embed new knowledge and skills as they work