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Learning Analytics Update: Student Dashboard & Emoji use

Staff and students have had access to the Learning Dashboard for a number of weeks now.

Learning Analytics data summary so far for BBS  shows students’ emoji usage and the frequency of visits for both staff and students to the Learning Dashboard.  The report also includes some of the free text comments students have made using the emoji widget, these are from students across all schools in the pilot to help protect their anonymity, however it is useful to read a flavour of the comments being sent. One of the things that is important is to capture attendance through the use of the photo registers.

It’s great to see that students are using the tools we’ve made available to them.

Marion and the team plan on starting the evaluation process towards the end of this semester and we will determine the best method. They have already received some feedback about the photo registers including some feature requests which are being collated and added to the staff feedback process for you to comment on.

Please feel free to get in touch with Marion Curdy or Julie Fowlie if you have any concerns or queries at any point.

Learning Analytics: Dashboard now live

This is a reminder that the full Learning Dashboard is now live for your students  More information Here

The release of the dashboard may trigger student queries about discrepancies between the data shown and their own records of attendance. We appreciate your help in reassuring students that this is pilot data which will not be used to assess them in any way.  As a reminder, this based on the attendance we are recording so again it is really important that we all use the electronic registers.  Average cohort data in particular may be skewed, for example as a result of different register taking practices by different seminar tutors.

Remember that Course Leaders and Personal Academic Tutors can use the Student Lookup via studentcentral to click through and access the dashboard and should start using this in PAT sessions.

Thank you


Learning Analytics start of term update

Firstly – some stats!

The emojis are getting going – over 200 emojis recorded so far! 🤓 (clever) is winning – a good sign for the new term.

Photo Register is working – around 5000 students university-wide are having their attendance recorded each day!

BBS has distributed the student flyer  (see below). Ensuring the students know what this is all about is key to the project’s success

As a reminder, the full dashboard will be released by Mon Nov 5th – for students this is via a dashboard button on the emoji widget and for Personal Academic Tutors and Course Leaders this is via the Student Lookup tab on the top right hand side on studentcentral.

Photo Register

  • In BBS we are aware there has been/may still be some issues around groups -please persevere as recording attendance is critical
  • Photo Register with big cohorts was not loading so has been fixed so it now displays all the groups (not just the first 20)
  • Doctoral students who are teaching don’t see photo register (only ‘staff’), Katie and the team are aware of this. Once we understand the scale of this as an issue we will find a solution.

More help:

Learning Analytics 2018: STARTS 1st Oct 2018

As previously discussed, there are a series of commitments we have made as a school. The ones that affect colleagues across the all courses both undergraduate and postgraduate are:

Attendance: attendance data must be stored via the PhotoRegister in a timely way (eg the day of the teaching). All staff teaching are committed to doing this is a list of courses BBS 2018 courses

Personal Academic student Tutorials: PATs are expected to use the data with your tutees in the tutorials. These slides show you how to access the dashboard for your students via the PAT Student Lookup.

The school will also need to play our part in the project evaluation and more details will follow on this.

Finally, to confirm launch dates: the emoji ‘How are you doing’ component is scheduled to launch for your students on Monday Oct 1st with the dashboard following on Mon Nov 5th (week 6).

We will distribute a leaflet to the students over the next two weeks.

We need your feedback on the learning Analytics project

Time is running out to provide feedback on the project. We need your support if the project is to continue so please take the time to tell us what you think and encourage your students to do the same via their studentcentral dashboard Learning Analytics Dashboard.

Staff can feedback via this previous post to the blog:

Learning Analytics and Photo Registers feedback

It’s year two of the Learning Analytics Pilot and time to gather your thoughts and feedback. We are still trying to find out what the university wants from this project and there is now a senior management steering group meeting to discuss the university requirements.

Our steer has always been to develop a tool that supports our students and we are already gathering feedback from them. This is your chance to have some input into this project so please take the time to answer the four questions below.

ARCHIVE-Learning Analytics Staff Feedback

Learning Analytics Dashboard

Photo Registers

This form is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.


Learning Analytics 17/18: Important Information

Colleagues particularly Course Leaders and first year (level 4) Tutors across all programmes.

We are extending the successful pilot  to all level four students in the academic year 17/18.

The first part of the project requires ALL FIRST YEAR  Level 4 SUBJECT SEMINAR TUTORS to take an electronic register using the picture registers on studentcentral.  These should be available next week and you will find them on the Dashboard of your module. Just click on the photo of the students to register their attendance.

As part of the project the students will see a How are you today widget? on their studentcentral homepage

Marion Curdy  has created some slides for personal tutors to use with their students to explain how the widget works How are you today & Learning Analytics in BBS  Please share this information ASAP with your first year tutor groups

  • How are you today? enables students to keep a record of how they are feeling and to request support if needed. How it is used is up to the student.
  • When a student clicks on an emoji they will be given the opportunity to give some optional comments. The student can decide if they would like to be contacted about their update.
  • Later in the year this will appear as part of the student’s Learning Analytics Dashboard.
  • If the student  selects “Please contact me” then Stuart Bullen our Student and Support Guidence Tutor (SSGT)  will be sent an email with the information the student provided and he will get in touch with the student
  • The Elearning team will also look at the overall data supplied to see if we can find patterns of emojis during the year. We’re hoping we can use this information to reduce the overall stress and any anxiety of students

These two important elements will help BBS support our new level 4 students!

Since November 2017 the students and personal tutors are able to access a student dashboard – details of how to do this can be found here

Also the photo registers have been extended across the whole of the Business School!


Learning Analytics Pilot feedback stage

We want your thoughts and feedback on the Learning Analytics pilot, so if you are a member of staff who teaches level 4 students then you have been part of the pilot and we would like to hear from you.

Please take a few minutes to complete our feedback form and tell us what you did and didn’t like and where you would like to see this project going.

Finally I would like to thank everyone who has participated in this pilot we value your thoughts and feedback and need them to be able to move this project forward.

For more information on this pilot please see previous posts.

Learning Analytics Pilot -For everyone involved with level 4 students – All degrees

This pilot project has been underway since the beginning of term.

Please check the link below for the improved although not perfect attendance recording system we are piloting across all level 4 modules, all undergraduate degrees.

Learning Analytics – Attendance-Assessment

Without tutors recording attendance the pilot will not be as successful as it could be.

Tip –  if you are finding using the computer in the seminar room not working as well as you would like you can use an iPad – the technicians do have a limited number you can borrow.

If you need some help please contact  Marion Curdy or Julie Fowlie

Any feedback please direct to Marion and that will inform the next stages.

Student Finder 

The new and exciting addition is Student Finder, details on above link or direct to the video  – Viewing a student’s  My Engagement view  Anyone involved in supporting Level 4 students should see the Student Finder Widget on your home page of Studentcentral. This will enable you to look up any level 4 student and see their overall attendance (to be treated with caution as attendance is not complete for all students), engagement with studentcentral and their current assessment marks against their cohort.

If you cannot see the Student Finder widget and you need access please let Marion know.

To follow– As part of the pilot the students in four seminar groups have  had access to their own student engagement view  and the results of the pilot will be posted very soon.


Learning Analytics- Attendance-Assessment

Using Learning Analytics is a way to target support to students; the Business School is piloting using learning analytics in this way.

Two key measurements are attendance and assessment results, these can be presented to both staff and students.

Stage 1: We have been recording level 4 attendance across all degree programmes using studentcentral .

We now have a new easier way using a  ClassList Widget  available from 16th Jan 17

The Widget gives you three ways of being able to take a register, they are:

  • Photo Classlist for full module cohort – allows you to mark absences for this whole module
  • Photo Classlist for groups in this module – allows you to mark absences for this module at seminar group level – This is the most likely one you will use.

Stage 2: We can now view the results

Overview of the project

Viewing a student’s  My Engagement view.

This video shows you how to access a student’s my engagement view from the student finder in studentcentral. You need to have access to the student finder on the home tab.

Link to most recent information  Sept 2018

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