TEF results 2017 Excellent that we achieved a Silver award as a University. The next stages will be

Subject level TEF    BBS has completed a mock exercise to inform the actual submisssion.

The government has stated that the TEF will aim to:

  • ensure all students receive an excellent teaching experience that encourages original thinking, drives up engagement and prepares them for the world of work
  • build a culture where teaching has equal status with research, with great teachers enjoying the same professional recognition and opportunities for career and pay progression as great researchers
  • provide students with the information they need to judge teaching quality
  • recognise institutions that do the most to welcome students from a range of backgrounds and support their retention and progression
  • include a clear set of outcome-focused criteria and metrics

The metrics come from the retention data, National Student Survey (NSS) outcomes  and employability data plus a Statement.

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