All students at the University who have a Tier 4 visa (overseas/not EU) must pick up and then complete a CAS booklet twice monthly while studying at the Business School.

The CAS booklet is yellow 18/19. Tier 4 students  who have already met the International Personal tutors have had the process explained.  However, it seems that we have still not made contact with every tier 4 student who has started their degree this year.  You may therefore find the following information useful.

  • The International Personal Tutors responsible for first years are Tracey Taylorand Bobby Kahlon.
  • The international Personal Tutor responsible for second years is Liz Marks
  • For final year students  – Tracey Taylor
  • It is worth asking in your seminars whether International tier 4 students have collected their CAS booklets and made contact with their International tutors.
  • There will be direct entrant second year students who will need this information communicated to them.
  • We ask that you sign off the cards for the tier 4 students in your workshops and seminars when asked.  We strongly advise the students to complete all aspects of the CAS cards other than the autograph/signature section so that it should be the work of a couple of seconds.
  • We will remind the students of our office hours and canteen drop in times on a weekly basis. Their responsibility is to check their emails!

If you have any questions, do ask with Tracey Taylor, Bobby Kahlon or Liz Marks