Using Learning Analytics is a way to target support to students; the Business School is piloting using learning analytics in this way.

Two key measurements are attendance and assessment results, these can be presented to both staff and students.

Stage 1: We have been recording level 4 attendance across all degree programmes using studentcentral .

We now have a new easier way using a  ClassList Widget  available from 16th Jan 17

The Widget gives you three ways of being able to take a register, they are:

  • Photo Classlist for full module cohort – allows you to mark absences for this whole module
  • Photo Classlist for groups in this module – allows you to mark absences for this module at seminar group level – This is the most likely one you will use.

Stage 2: We can now view the results

Overview of the project

Viewing a student’s  My Engagement view.

This video shows you how to access a student’s my engagement view from the student finder in studentcentral. You need to have access to the student finder on the home tab.

Link to most recent information  Sept 2018