Pete  Mccullen introduced and provided an overview of what subject level TEF means to the Business School during the whole school meeting on the 10th October.

Presentation 10th Oct

You can watch a Video introduction to TEF subject level mock exercise

You can also review material on the Sharepoint area for TEF

We have a team of colleagues who will be writing BBS’s submission document with some colaboration from School of Sport & Service Management.

Vincent Kane, Clare Millington, Sarah Field, Nigel Padbury, Gilliane Williams &  Chitharanjandas Chinnapaka led by Pete Mccullen and Toni Hilton and supported by Josh Callarman

The key message is it gives us an opportunity to consider our current metrics drawn from the NSS (teaching, feedback & assessment, academic support), retention and progression data and employabilty (DLHE) and how we may be able to influence these metrics before the actual TEF subject level submission in 2019/20.