Colleagues particularly Course Leaders and first year (level 4) Tutors across all programmes.

We are extending the successful pilot  to all level four students in the academic year 17/18.

The first part of the project requires ALL FIRST YEAR  Level 4 SUBJECT SEMINAR TUTORS to take an electronic register using the picture registers on studentcentral.  These should be available next week and you will find them on the Dashboard of your module. Just click on the photo of the students to register their attendance.

As part of the project the students will see a How are you today widget? on their studentcentral homepage

Marion Curdy  has created some slides for personal tutors to use with their students to explain how the widget works How are you today & Learning Analytics in BBS  Please share this information ASAP with your first year tutor groups

  • How are you today? enables students to keep a record of how they are feeling and to request support if needed. How it is used is up to the student.
  • When a student clicks on an emoji they will be given the opportunity to give some optional comments. The student can decide if they would like to be contacted about their update.
  • Later in the year this will appear as part of the student’s Learning Analytics Dashboard.
  • If the student  selects “Please contact me” then Stuart Bullen our Student and Support Guidence Tutor (SSGT)  will be sent an email with the information the student provided and he will get in touch with the student
  • The Elearning team will also look at the overall data supplied to see if we can find patterns of emojis during the year. We’re hoping we can use this information to reduce the overall stress and any anxiety of students

These two important elements will help BBS support our new level 4 students!

Since November 2017 the students and personal tutors are able to access a student dashboard – details of how to do this can be found here

Also the photo registers have been extended across the whole of the Business School!