We had a successful day addressing key issues around module delivery and design below are the presentations and videos

Module Delivery & Design Introduction Power Point

The day include distributing updated Module Leaders responsibilities   and to support staff  on studentcentral in your modules for 17/18 you find 2017 BBS Development Example Module which includes:

  • Formative assessment submission point
  • Studentcentral submission point – include a BBS rubric (the rubric follows the correct grading descriptions)
  • Turnitin submission point – include a BBS rubric
  • Aspire reading – renamed to include e-books and videos
  • Sign-up for group assignments
  • Suggested material in module information and assessment this can be copied into your own module if appropraite
  • The looks has been changed to create a different background.

The UG or PG office will be able to “set-up” your assessment and group requirements by completing the Assessment Review Form 

If you need any help please contact Marion Curdy  m.e.curdy@brighton.ac.uk or Julie Fowlie  j.fowlie@brighton.ac.uk

In the afternoon the focus was on design Focusing on Design (Power Point) and the Curriculum Design Initiative CDI . Please also check out other resources on the main CDI page with links to the CDI work-space and recent post

Sid Hayes shared  really useful perspectives on designing assessments and Pauline Ridley took us through creating effective learning outcomes.