For the academic year 18/19, the responsibility for approving UG research ethics is with the supervisor.

Please use of the form given to our placement students in this year’s placement handbook and here.

You can use a template guide for information sheet and consent form if required, although they do not have to follow the exact template as long as a suitable summary of information about the research and participant consent is explicitly obtained.

If you have any concerns about the ethical approval of UG projects, please talk to Sue Greener or Rosie Mulgrue in School Office

For NEXT academic year, it will be necessary for all supervisors of taught students conducting primary research to apply through BREAM on behalf of their student group. There will be a meeting arranged to discuss this in the next month.


For PG taught students doing research projects,  Sue Greener is happy to attend classes to discuss research ethics or support supervisors with any questions.