BBS staff now have access to the O365/SharePoint Training portal. Please familiarise yourself with the following link below. There are many topics and tutorials to help you.


If you haven’t already done so please start using OneDrive as your file storage area. All members of staff get 1TB of storage and your drive can be accessed from any location with internet access. You can also download the OneDrive app on your tablet device to support your O365 applications.

There are a few people under the impression that file backups are done automatically from your computer. This is not true

There is also some great help and advice in order to empower end users via this link :

Please try and get out of the habit of saving files locally on your desktop. If your computer sufferers hardware failure then you have a high risk in losing your data! If you require any assistance installing OneDrive then please don’t hesitate the technicans.