All course work and exam marking must be moderated. There are lists of internal reviewers by module that are updated every year by the Subject Group Leaders. The offices have these lists.

The sample size should normally be the square root of the number of students (the number of borderline cases may increase this). E.g.

Cohort = 16, sample size = 4

Cohort = 36, sample size = 6

Cohort = 100, sample size = 10 etc.

The sample should include top, middle and bottom performance. Where the module has only one assessment, all student work on the fail/pass borderline (40% UG, 50% PG) should be reviewed. Where the module has more than one assessment, all student work on the borderline of the individual component threshold should be reviewed (30% UG, 35% UG Accounting, 40% PG).

When you are second marking, please make sure that you add to the feedback:

Moderated by [initials]

on the Turnitin or Gradecentre feedback for the work listed on the yellow moderation form (electronic version).

For exams, the second marker should use the boxes provided on the exam script front cover, and add a signature. You should be checking the quality of the answers and the addition.

Pete has been looking at another institution’s moderation, and his feedback as an External will be: “Whilst there is evidence of moderation on forms, it is not possible to validate this on the scripts”.

We do not want our External Examiners to be making this comment.