This is the link to all the great presentations from the 2016 & 2017 L & T conference

BBS best practice L&T conference 2016

BBS Best practice L&T conference 2017 

DB319 -Placement Project

The standard feedback form used for this module using feedback based on the criteira and follows the guidance for giving feedback. The assessment marking scheme is included in the placement handbook which is distributed to students and staff.

DB319-placement-project-marking  guidance 

DB319 placement project rubric 

The marking guidance is then used in combination with using the marking rubrics and posting electronic marking using Turnitin.

ML189 Developing Academic and Employable Skills 

Example of general feedback provided to level 4 students  to demonstrate common areas to develop when writing a literature review

ML189 2016-17 Lit Review Feedback (2)-1nqiw9g

Other Examples of BBS Feedback to students