Keynote: Barney Roe, Director of Communications & External Relations, Chartered Association of Business Schools

“Higher Education Policy and Business Schools: Opportunities and Challenges” Barney Roe Brighton Presentation Final-1wrhfdy

Parallel 1

Jeanette Ashton & Carolyn Lewis: Student Professional Practice in the Business School

Carolyn Lewis The Learning Practitioner BBSLTC2017-14928dg

Jeanette BBS L and T conf July 17 Student professional practice in brighton business school Jeanette Ashton-td9eef

Virginia Goodwill & Clare Forder: Business School Placements and Employability


Parallel 2

Ya Gao: Creating Real Connects with Students in Class Using Nearpod

Creating Real Connects with Students Using Nearpod_Ya Gao-2ba7qso

Mark Hughes: Research informed teaching and learning: A 30-year personal reflection

Mark Hughes Research informed teaching and learning 30-year personal reflection -23xgijq

Sarah Cork: Feedback Intervention to Improve Student Experience

Sarah Cork BBS learning & Teaching Conference – Enable and Encourage use of feedback-1mufiq9

ACT on Feedback Template 

Parallel 3

Joanna MacDonnell and Sid Hayes: Professional Recognition and Development (PRD) Scheme

Joanna MacDonnell and Sid Hayes PRD SCHEME briefing-26jts18

Peter McCullen and Jeff Readman: New technology and the Business Curriculum Peter McCullen and Jeff Readman BBS teaching conference 2017 v2-ym831a

Parallel 4

David Foster: Active Learning Session

David Foster Active Learning, UoB L&T, jul17-qk072b