The University  Personal  Academic Tutor Policy 

Most staff should expect to be a Personal Academic Tutor (PAT). You can find out who your PAT Tutees are, by going on to studentcentral – go on to the student look up tab- then click on e-vision- then View my students – personal tutor.

Tracy Taylor and Liz Marks are the PAT Leads for BBS

There is a ‘onboarding’ programme for new students called Belong at Brighton which is a great resource to signpost students to.

The key elements  that students can expect:

  • A named personal tutor for each year of their studies.
  • Student will be offered a minimum of 3 tutorials a year at level 4 and 2 at level 5, & 6 (combination of group and individual) to discuss engagement, progression, support and academic experience.

The Role of the Personal  Academic Tutor

  • Provides a central point of consistent contact within the academic team for the student and to foster a sense of ‘belonging’ to the University, through creating a sense of academic community with the School.
  • Provides information and guidance on Institutional processes, procedures and expectations
  • Supports students to alleviate anxiety about what is expected academically (e.g. independent study) and to aid transition to Higher Education
  • Refers students to other support services as required (SSGT, Student Services)
  • Provides a holistic support for retention, progression and success for all students
  • Supports students in regularly reviewing their academic progress and performance in line with the Personal Academic Tutoring policy
  • Supports students’ awareness and use of academic feedback.
  • Encourages students to reflect on their formal and informal learning more broadly (rather than focusing on individual modules) and how it
  • contributes to their future development and career

You are not a counsellor or the SSGT. Refer the student when appropriate.

Must Read – Quick guide for tutors of Level 4 students BBS Staff Guidance for Level 4 Tutors

Must read – Quick guide for tutors of Level 5 & 6  students BBS Staff Guidance Level 5&6 PATs    

For more detailed guidance read BBS Personal Tutor Handbook

Must Read  University Resources These resources are designed to offer practical advice and information to help individual tutors to: build confidence and skills to fulfil the role of Personal Academic Tutor as effectively as possible; explore some common issues; and understand the boundaries of the role, including when and how to refer students towards more specialist sources of support offered by Student Services.

The website includes: resources to support BME success, resources for use in your tutorials, such as discussion prompts and advice on one-to-one conversations;

Links to and information about the various study skills support available at the university;

Contact details for support services for physical and mental health at the university;

The latest on financial advice for students;

Resources to refer your students to that can support academic development;

Relevant university and department policy documents on Personal Academic Tutoring;

Information about the Student Lookup tool available through StudentCentral; and interviews with staff and students talking about their experience of Personal Academic Tutoring.

Other important Resources

Details about how to raise Cause for Concern regarding students

Wellbeing and Student self disclosing information

Personal Academic Tutor Meeting Form

Disability Declaration Policy 

Equality & Diversity e-learning 

Unconscious Bias e-learning 

Prevent Training

Student Guidance

International Student Support – Guide for Students

How your tutees can notify an LSP when marking is anonymous

Brighton Students’ Union:

New FB group for UoB commuter students please encourage students to join.