We have been working on updating the school’s Policies and Procedures (P and P) handbook.

Improvements include: the introduction of a new school committee for Education and the Student Experience, which replaces the student liaison committee, and the re-development of the School Board into a more representative and collegiate forum.

P and P  will continue to be updated and published section by section in the Studentcentral BBS staff area.

Sections A to C have already been updated with recent changes to the school structure and roles (you will see a few references to work-in-progress in red). The full handbook includes sections A-M. Some aspects will be subject to consultation, e.g. we are currently re-working a proposal about how to cover cancelled classes, and this will be put out to consultation before the policy is published, and will be included in Section D.

You can access sections A-C as follows:

Log into Studentcentral (Blackboard)

Click ‘studies’

Go to the left-hand side and click on ‘Business School – Staff area

Go to the left-hand side and click on ‘Policies and Procedures’