Creating my business card I wanted to create something relevant to my interests that would reflect my personality. Being from a very early stage interested on sustainability and natural dyes I though of incorporating this technique in my cards, after brainstorming different ideas of the way I could do this I though of boiling natural elements such as flowers, fruits and vegetables and use the colours produced in my cards.  Therefore, I purchased online plastic business card holders and I put inside different natural dyes as well as petals from the flowers. Each card is unique since  they have different colours of dyes and a variety of flower petals. I want to make the cards look coherent and similar but also having some small characteristic  that would differentiate each one from the rest. In a symbolic way I wanted it show that although all the elements and species on the planet may look similar they have these small details that make them special and unique.The floating flowers inside the dyes make the cards more interactive and playful and it actually remind of some games that I used to have as a child.  Through this interactive and  playful aspect I am aiming to make my audience engage with my business cards so that they will stay on their mind



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