“Il ritrno alla natura” meaning in italian “return to nature ” is a zoom call that I made with a model in Greece, my home country. The concept of the shooting was the reconnection of humans with nature during the lockdown . All of us came closer to nature and developed a strong relationship with it. As our reality changed completely from the day that the virus entered our lives, many old habits like doing picnics on parks and going for walks at nature revived.The aim of the shooting was to depict this reconnecting with the environment.The shooting took place on the balcony of the model, I wanted to keep the styling quiet simple in order to focus on the beauty of nature drawn on th colours of the plants, the flowers and the sky. Most of the images are screenshots from my iPad during the video call while some of the pictures were captured with the camera. I decided to mainly used the screenshot because the analysis of the pictures was more clear as they were shadows and reflections created on those from the camera.The majority of the clothes used for the outfits of the shooting were from online vintage shops like vestiare collective and nstygal. The rest of the clothes were pieces that the model already had, as I wanted to stay as sustainable as possible without choosing fast fashion brands or purchasing new garments for the shooting trying contributing to a zero waste shoot.This was my first attempt making a zoom through zoom, but I have seen that lately due to the outbreak of the pandemic many photographer have worked in this way and I though of experimenting as well.  Overall, I was satisfied from the results of the shooting as they the pictures reflected the beauty of nature though the colours of the flowers, sea and sky. I think that the outfits of the model, although they were minimal and simple added a vintage and at the same time

natural aesthetic on the image.

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