After I research that I made I found out another technique for creating natural dyes. I found a greek blogger Alexandra Diona who creates DIY tutorial videos creating  house decorations and clothes with recycled materials. After, watching some of her videos I decided to experiment myself and colour garments with flowers. I used some flowers that I had in my house and they had dried to colour some old t-shirts that I had. I placed a carton paper under the t-shirt and on top the flowers. I covered the flowers with another piece of fabric and press them with a hammer  until their colour came out on the fabric. On my first trial I decided to colour  all the fabric and then as I understood the way that the technique works I played around placing the flowers on different spaces on the t-shirt. Overall, I was really satisfied with the result  that I created as I discovered another sustainable method to dye fabrics with harming the environment. I created some time-lapse videos capturing the process that I followed.  Since I was really satisfied with the results I am planning to create a section on my magazine with crafts, ideas and advices  that the readers can follow in order to adapt a more sustainable way of life.

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