Researching online about the impact that fashion industries cause on the environment  and especially water I found many images depicting rivers and seas water being polluted by different substances like chemicals and artificial dyes.  On these pictures hazardous harmful liquids were floating on different  colours on the water. I found really shocking but at the same time powerful this images as it is a beautiful way to depict the ugliness that we cause to the environment. Therefore, I wanted to experiment with colour in order to find an artistic way to depict this . I worked with watercolour on paper as I experimented with these materials I found that through watering first the paper and then apply the water colour I get this liquid effect that I was looking for. Thus, I used blue colour to depict the health clean water and darker intense colours like brown, purple and green to symbolise the chemical that get inside the water. I was really satisfied from the outcome of this experimentation and  I am going to develop more, working on a bigger scale on canvas, using this time ecolines. As I was expirimenting  I took several time-lapse in order to record the process.

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