Coming back to Uk after 6 months that I stayed in Greece with my family due to the pandemic outbreak I cannot lie that was a hard but at the same exciting decision for me. Moving to a  new house  and online university were the primary issues I had to face since  I came back. Online lectures, meetings and workshop is  the new dimension that all universities had take due to Covid 19. Adjusting to this new reality was something easy for me, however I cannot lie that the physical interaction with the tutors and classmates is something that I missed a lot the past months. During the  summer I worked on my photography skills, I dedicated my time on taking different pictures of the nature as I knew that I wanted to incorporate the theme of nature on my final year project. After a lot of researcher and thinking I decided that I wanted to work with colours and approach this topic from different perspectives. Colour forecasting, colour associations, colours in  nature  and colour psychology are the main areas that I want to look at. I am going to start  my research reading books about the colour theory and reports on WGSN and after this I am hoping to start my experimentation dying fabrics with  natural dyes, remaking famous painting with different colour schemes and creating questionnaires about colour associations.  I am really excited about the topic thatI choose to work on and I am looking forward to start my experimentation and discover the ideas that will be borned from it

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